Customer Testimonials


…my first impression is good. It seems to be accurate. Very easy to use (plug it in and turn it on), you can’t go wrong for the price. Neat!...Texas

…I really like this unit…and would recommend it to whoever is trying to control dust and particles due to strong allergies…Indiana

…this thing is addictive!…David, Houston

..the Dylos air quality monitor proved to be an effective and economical tool for diagnosing my bronchitis/asthma problems. I suspected, with my doctors help, the air quality in the house was part of the problem with my constant coughing and labored breathing. The monitor analyzed my home air quality and by comparing the LCD screen readings with the chart on the back I found the particle count was in the "very poor" range. I installed a high efficiency electronic air cleaner on my furnace and within a day the Dylos monitor indicated the air quality had gone from very poor to excellent. To my surprise my bronchitis/asthma cleared up in three days. No more steroids, antibiotics, inhalers and cough suppressants!

Thank you Dylos,

…This product has been very helpful in understanding the quality of the air in our home. We have moved it from room to room, to test the air quality all over our home. This is easy because it is so small and easy to use. It has been especially useful in our son’s room as he has allergies. We have used the tips provided on the website and in the instruction manual to improve his room’s air quality. Customer service was very helpful and courteous when I had a question. We would definitely recommend this product...California

…my lungs are very sensitive and high readings on the DC1100 warn me its time to turn on my air purifier…Ohio

Business Professionals

…About 2 weeks ago we purchased a DC1100 air quality monitor from Dylos Corporation. This is a laser particle counter costing about $150 plus shipping. We will be using ours to do before and after testing of high efficiency air filter installations and duct sealing jobs. We had been looking at getting a laser particle counter for a while, but the high cost of all models we have seen had delayed us from buying one. Now it does not cost several thousand dollars for a laser particle counter to determine if we are doing a good job. We have had temperature and humidity data loggers for years to use as diagnostic tools on problem jobs. Now we can determine cleanliness of air in customer’s homes as well, and we don’t have to pay an annual license fee to use it either. So far we have been very pleased with the performance of the Dylos DC1100 air quality monitor…South Carolina

…all in all, I am very pleased with the DC1100. Left it turned on overnight, it read 100 small and 0 large particles in my office last night. As soon as I came in it started reading higher on both particle sizes. Now it reads 950 small particles and 39 large particles. If I get up and move around the readings get higher still. I am impressed. This will be very useful…Florida